Dynamics Destination Task

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Dynamics Destination Task

Post by Oky » Sun 31 Jan 2016 19:19

Let's start with it supporting only the advanced edit. No SQL update command available.
No video tutorial to demonstrate how to do the "where" clause.
In the end I found the ID column and connected it to the SSIS ID of the input. - Very unfriendly!
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Re: Dynamics Destination Task

Post by Pinturiccio » Thu 21 Apr 2016 15:33

Sorry for the late response.

SSIS Data Flow Components for Dynamics CRM components have the same function as other SSIS components, for example OLE DB Data Source or OLE DB Destination.

SSIS Data Flow Components have documentation. If you selected the 'Help' check box during the Devart SSIS Data Flow Components installation, the documentation can be accessed from Start Menu->All Programs->Devart SSIS Data Flow Components->Documentation. You can also find the help file at https://www.devart.com/ssis/download.html

This documentation applies to all data sources, supported by Devart SSIS Data Flow Components. The following sections can be useful for you::
1. Getting Started.
2. Tutorials - examples of using SSIS Data Flow Components for Salesforce. SSIS Data Flow Components for various sources have much in common, so you can understand how to use the components for Dynamics CRM with these examples
3. Data Source Connection Settings - Cloud CRM Connections -> Dynamics CRM
4. Custom Properties Reference.

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