Dynamics CRM connection Web Login issue

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Dynamics CRM connection Web Login issue

Post by AtomXL » Wed 08 Jun 2022 10:48

I'm trying to connect to Dynamics CRM using the Devart Dynamics Connection Manager.
I have selected Authentication: RefreshToken
I have entered our server URL

I want to use an account other than my own AD login.
When I click on Web Login I then experience one of two issues:

If I'm logged in to my desktop using my own AD account, i click Web Login, click "Use another account", then in the Microsoft "Sign In" dialog I enter the email address for the account I wish to use. I then see "Taking you to your organisation's sign-in page" briefly before it redirects to an "Approval Required" dialogue, but it's my email address at the top of the page rather than the account I'm trying to log in with (which has approval).

If I'm logged in to my desktop using the AD account which I wish to connect to Dynamics with, I can follow the same steps above. Once I click "web login" I can just select the account I'm already logged in as, and I'm then correctly redirected to the "Permissions Required" dialog where I can select "Consent on behalf of your organization". When I then click "Accept" I'm redirected to the Devart home page instead of being connected to Dynamics and receiving the refresh token.

Can you please help?



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