New SDAC version 4.10 with C++Builder 2007 support released!

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New SDAC version 4.10 with C++Builder 2007 support released!

Post by Ikar » Thu 14 Jun 2007 15:19

Dear users,

Core Lab team is glad to announce a release of the new SDAC version 4.10.
In this version we introduced support of the new development environment from CodeGear - C++Builder 2007.

More information on SDAC below.
New features:
  • C++Builder 2007 supported
  • TMSConnection.Options.FailoverPartner property added
  • Added ability to customize information view about fields in DataSetManager
  • Replacement of the TwwDataSource with TMSDataSource in the BDE/ADO Migration Wizard added
  • Performance of some operations in DataSet Manager improved
Bug fixes:
  • Bug with the BaseSQL property set to an empty string after assigning macro values fixed
  • Bug with incorrect registry key used by connect dialog to save/load the Server value fixed
  • Bug with refreshing records in detail dataset fixed
  • Fixed bug with lookup and data fields with the same name
  • Fixed bug with reopening queries in NonBlocking mode
  • Fixed bug with calling the RefreshQuick method for the detail DataSet
  • Fixed bug with calculated fields with ftDate and ftTime data types
  • Fixed bug with comparing string values during locate ans sort operations
  • Fixed bug with prepared stored procedures, whose result set depends on parameter values
  • Avoided Delphi 6 bug in the TryStrToBool function
  • Fixed bug with retrieving stored procedure output parameters with DECIMAL data type
  • Fixed bug with raising exceptions when locating records on filtered recordsets
  • Removed restriction on datasets that TMyDataSource can be associated with
  • Minor bugs in DataSet Manager fixed
Core Lab development team