TMSQuery Fields Editor

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TMSQuery Fields Editor

Post by eprince » Tue 29 May 2007 11:11


I am using TMSQuery in my project.
MSQuery1 has one Field ‘Field1’ of type char.
I am going to Fields Editor and restricting the size of Field1 = 10. Actual size of the ‘Field1’ in database is 17 chars.

When I am restricting the field size to 10, it should allow me to enter up to 10, but this is not happening in my application. It is still taking up to 17 characters.

Not able to understand why this is not working in SDAC?

I am using licensed 3.80 version of SDAC components.


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Post by Jackson » Wed 30 May 2007 09:36

Currently SDAC doesn't support such functionality.
We will consider the possibility to add this functionality in the next SDAC version.

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