About FetchRows property of TMSQuery

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About FetchRows property of TMSQuery

Post by eprince » Wed 23 May 2007 11:06


While migrating from Informix to SQL SERVER 2005 database, I have changed Informix Data Access Components (IDAC) by SDAC.

During this migration, at some places ‘FetchRows’ property of MSQuery components got changed from its default (25 rows) to 1 row.

Do you foresee any impact of this particular change as a whole?

I am using liecensed 3.80 version of SDAC components.


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Post by Jackson » Wed 23 May 2007 13:51

The value of the FetchRows property can have a great impact on performance.
It indicates the number of rows that will be transferred across the network at the same time.
So it is preferable to choose experimentally the optimal value of the FetchRows property for each SQL statement and software/hardware configuration.

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