Changed behaviour in SDAC 4.0 using linked server

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Changed behaviour in SDAC 4.0 using linked server

Post by matjazu » Mon 07 May 2007 08:55

After upgrading from SDAC 3.80 to 4.00 I found changed behaviour when trying to change data on linked server.

I have an database appliction that is connected to SERVER1 by TMSConnection. Allmost all forms are connected to one database on SERVER1. But I also have one form in which power users can specify SQL query statement (e.g. select * from tablex) and then see data in dbgrid, where can they also modify data.
They can also specify query in form "select * from SERVER2.database.dbo.tablex" and see and modify data on linked server (TMSQuery is still connected through TMSConnection on SERVER1). The difference in behaviour is that modifying was possible with SDAC 3.80 and it is not possible with SDAC 4.0 ( All field are automatically read only and it is not possible to change data. Are there some new options that should I set ?

Thanks for help.

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Post by Jackson » Mon 07 May 2007 09:45

You should fill the SQLInsert, SQLUpdate, SQLDelete properties with the INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements correspondingly and set the TField.ReadOnly property to False in the DataSet fields editor for all the fields you want to update.

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