Problem with SDAC Query component used along with ClientDataSet

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Problem with SDAC Query component used along with ClientDataSet

Post by Balaji » Thu 03 May 2007 10:13


I am using SDAC 3.80 liecensed version of components in one of my migration projects.

I am having following coponents on my form - ClientDataSet, Provider, DataSource and query component attached to each other. I also have a Db Grid, and the data source of the DB grid is the data source component which i have on the form.

Now on Click of a button i am setting the ClientDataset's Active property to True. Now i am trying to add a new row to the dataset. At this time i am filling some fields of the new row so that user dont need to enter them. But i am not filling all the mandatory fields. But without filling all the mandatory fields i am trying to append the ClientDataSet and trying to add another row as it is necessary.
I am not filling all the mandatory fields as i am expecting the end user to fill them.

Now the problem is when i am trying to Append the clientDataSet for adding the Second row SDAC components do a Post which is Causing an error. The reason for the error is all the mandatory fields required for doing post are not filled.

Now can i have solution for this. Can i stop SDAC's components from doing post during appending the DataSet?


David Mustard
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Post by David Mustard » Thu 03 May 2007 16:07

Hi there,

I can't remember for sure if it's in SDAC 3.80 but you should take a look at the cached updates property. It saves you the complications of using ClientDataSets and Providers since it has its own interface - not only that but there are some pretty nifty methods in the connection component which give you a very smooth ride when applying your cached updates.

It may be that you are also using the reconcile ability in CDS but with a little careful working you probably won't need that - like I say the Connection component is pretty clever. The (version 4) demos will show you a whole new world

I have junked all the old CDS and Provider components and substituted them with the property Cachedupdates set to true and I can tell you I have less bother than before. I'm using SDAC which is worth the upgrade from 3.80.

Master/Detail cached updates are handled well.

Try to take a peek - it may solve your current problem easily.

cheers - David

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