edItem DataType not found

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edItem DataType not found

Post by ccmcbride » Tue 01 May 2007 22:50

Delphi 7
sDAC Trial

I have a tmsQuery component on a datamodule.
The query is :
Select distinct p.uid
from Payment p, Invoice I, paydetail d
p.Distributed = false and
p.UID = d.PaymentUID and
(d.InvoiceUID = I.UID) and
(i.Closed = true) and
(i.InvoiceDate >= :BeginDate) and
(i.InvoiceDate <= :EndDate)

When I open the parameter editor, I get :
edItem Data Type not found.
I ignore those and set the datatypes for the parameters to DateTime, set parameter type to in, check 'null value', click OK, but it isn't saving the settings.

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Post by Jackson » Thu 03 May 2007 13:02

We couldn't reproduce the problem.
Did you create your project with SDAC 3, and then upgraded to SDAC 4?

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I am converting from DBISAM

Post by ccmcbride » Thu 03 May 2007 16:01

I tracked it down to DBISAM allows ftDate as a parameter type.
I had to go into the dfm and changed it from ftdate to ftDateTime.

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