sdac uninstaller

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sdac uninstaller

Post by Ludek » Tue 24 Apr 2007 15:25

SDAC uninstaller leaves following files in bds\4.0\bin:
before each reinstall of sdac3 I have to delete these files manually, otherwise the SDAC 3 installer does not overwrite them (why? I think, at least some message could inform the user, that the installation results won't be good at all :( )
Please, could you delete these files automatically to save us this manual deletion? thanks!
(my os is vista - I find also suspicious, that the uninstaller does not activate UAC. The OS then probably does not allow to delete these files - but why the uninstaller does not at least warn, that some files could not be removed?)

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Post by Jackson » Wed 25 Apr 2007 08:36

Please follow the next steps:
1. Uninstall SDAC.
2. Search for dac100.bpl, dacvcl100.bpl, dcldac100.bpl, mydac100.bpl, sdacvcl100.bpl, dclsdac100.bpl files at your HDD (including the Windows system folder and the Delphi Bin folder) and delete them.
3. Run Registry Editor (Start->Run->"regedit"), find the following keys and delete them:
4. Run SDAC 4 installation.
5. After SDAC 4 is installed, run SDAC 4 installation once more with the "force" parameter, for example:
sdac400d10pro.exe /force
After that problems with uninstallation SDAC 4 and installation SDAC 3 must gone.

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Post by Ludek » Mon 07 May 2007 14:01

After I made these steps, the SDAC 4 unistaller uninstalls all files. Thanks! :)

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