Connecting over a Network

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Colin Basterfield
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Connecting over a Network

Post by Colin Basterfield » Sat 07 Apr 2007 02:11


I guess I'm a newbie in this space, so forgive me asking what is likely obvious.

I have got SDAC 3.8 and I am using it with Delphi 6. I have developed an application which connects to an MSDE 2000 instance, using MSConnection and the MSQuery object. The application runs fine when I am running it locally, i.e. on the machine where the database instance exists, but if I try to set up a shortcut from another machine across the network it fails saying it can't connect to the Server or access is denied.

Do I need to install any 'client' side libraries. I haven't named any dll in the Options|NetworkLibrary property.

I have run svrnetcn.exe and enabled tcp/ip and named pipes.

Is there something blindingly obvious my naivety has overlooked?

thanks for any help

Sergio Bertolotti
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Post by Sergio Bertolotti » Sat 07 Apr 2007 08:47

Hi Colin Basterfield,

with SDAC 3.X and 4.X to connecting to a valid MSDE 2000 or MS-SQL instance you must install on your client PC the last MDAC 2.5 or later with OLE-DB driver that contains a valid driver for SQL Server.
You can find last MDAC at and search for MDAC.
I don't remember if you can connect to your MSDE 2000 DB with SQL Native Client. See on this page and verify the possibility.
In your case see this url on microsoft's site and read it : ... L.80).aspx

Control parameter DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOLS=n when you install or update your MSDE 2000 server/PC.

If n = 1 you can't connect to your MSDE from any clients that there aren't localhost. Only localhost can work with MSDE 2000.
If n = 0 you can connect to your MSDE 2000 from any clients.

If you use a firewall on your PC client control if 1433 TCP port is open.
If not you must open it for correctly connect your client to server.

Best regards.
Sergio Bertolotti

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