Problems with SDAC 4.0

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Alex Schickel
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Problems with SDAC 4.0

Post by Alex Schickel » Tue 27 Mar 2007 13:44

I installed SDAC 4.0 but I can't open my form where I used SDAC 3.80 components I get the error message:
Error by Reading from conSLSQL.Options.Provider:
Void Property Value......
The conSLSQL is the connection Component.

How can I change my form to make it SDAC4-compatible?

brgds. Alex.

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Problem with SDAV 4

Post by sweiner » Wed 28 Mar 2007 07:09


the problem is simple. Open your *.dfm file and search for conSLSQL.Options.Provider and delete the line. Save the *.dfm file. That's it. :D

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Post by Jackson » Wed 28 Mar 2007 12:10

Open your *.dfm file in text editor and replace "Options.Provider = 'SQLOLEDB.1'" with "Options.Provider = prSQL" or,
if you use SQL Native Client as an OLE DB provider, replace "Options.Provider = 'SQLNCLI.1'" with "Options.Provider = prNativeClient".
You can also just remove this string and assign a provider in Delphi IDE.

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