SQL Server Compact Samples

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SQL Server Compact Samples

Post by FraDusOne » Tue 20 Mar 2007 16:40

Are there any Delphi code samples working with SQL Server Compact using SDAC 4.0 avalible?

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Post by Jackson » Thu 22 Mar 2007 07:49

An example of working with SQL Server Compact Edition you can find in %SDAC%\Demos\TechnologySpecific\MSSQLCompact,
where %SDAC% is the SDAC installation path on your computer.

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SQL-Server Compact-Edition Delphi Example missing

Post by RobertBinsack » Fri 16 Apr 2010 04:48


I wanted to use UniDAC with SQL-Server Compact Edition with Delphi 7. I've just downloaded the UniDAC for Delphi 7 Version (12-Apr-2010) from the registered Users Area.

After doing a complete installation with everything checked (also examples) I took a look at the %SDAC%\Demos\TechnologySpecific\MSSQLCompact-Folder and there is only a "SecureBridge"-Folder but not samples for SQL-Server compact.

Can you help me or post the example-files here?

Kind regards,


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Post by Dimon » Fri 16 Apr 2010 12:36

You can work with TUniConnection and SQL Server Compact Edition the same way as with an ordinary SQL Server database.
Set the OLEDBProvider specific option to prCompact and specify the path to the database file in the Database property, like this:

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UniConnection.SpecificOptions.Values['OLEDBProvider'] := 'prCompact';
UniConnection.Database := 'database.sdf';

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