Strange GPF in

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Strange GPF in

Post by rgillingham » Mon 22 Jan 2007 16:14


I'm using the latest SDAC with the kbmMW middleware.

I have a simple stored procedure that I am trying to call.

If I call this using SDAC components directly it executes fine. If I try this using kbmMW it fails. Now - don't just push me over to C4D because if I put a TMSSQLMonitor component on the same data module as the TMSConnection then the stored procedure will execute correctly.

The line it fails on is the Check below

procedure TOLEDBConnection.Commit;
if FITransactionLocal nil then
Check(ITransaction(FITransactionLocal).Commit(False{WAR may be troubles with server cursors}, XACTTC_SYNC, 0));

With an exception of ntdll.RtlConvertUlongToInteger

Thanks in advance


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Post by Jackson » Tue 23 Jan 2007 09:43

If you have a multithreaded application try to reproduce the problem on a single threaded application.
Try to reproduce the problem without kbmMW components.
As we can see, you are user of SDAC Professional. Try to install SDAC Standard version.
Specify exact version of Delphi or C++ Builder you use.
Other users never informed us about similar problems.

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