Regarding "New build of SDAC"

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Regarding "New build of SDAC"

Post by eprince » Mon 15 Jan 2007 07:55

With ref to the message titled: "New build of SDAC is available!"
Posted by: Mr. Ikar (Core Lab Team)
Posted on: Mon Oct 02, 2006 4:54 pm

In the above stated Message,
There is a point that "Fixed bug with macros and "&" operand"

Sir actually i'm using Macros in SDAC for my recent application,
so I would like to know details about the bug that has been fixed in the latest release.

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Post by Jackson » Mon 15 Jan 2007 14:05

In SDAC support for macros names in which the first symbol is a digit was added.
But Transact SQL has the bitwise logical AND operation between two integer values which has following syntax:
expression & expression
So it was unable to execute properly the following construction using SDAC
select 10&20
because &20 was identified as a macros name.
This bug was fixed in SDAC

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