Update Failed, Found 2 Records.

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Update Failed, Found 2 Records.

Post by yeschoto » Mon 08 Jan 2007 22:01

Update Failed, Found 2 Records.

Alway show the Error Message when the dataset in Edit model and after post,such as:


MSQ.FieldByName('Fields1').asstring:='Some String';

Except Showmessage('Some MSG');

Sometimes,the data was post successed,but it still show the error message to me: " Update Failed, Found 2 Records. ".

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Post by Jackson » Tue 09 Jan 2007 12:35

This error takes place when server is unable to determine what record to modify or delete. In other words, there are either many or no records that suit UPDATE criteria. Such situation can happen when you omit unique field in SELECT statement (TCustomDADataSet.SQL) or when another user modifies the table simultaneously. This exception can be suppressed. Please refer to TCustomMSDataSet.Options.StrictUpdate topic in SDAC help for more information.

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