MessageDlg after connection broken

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Paul Sjoerdsma

MessageDlg after connection broken

Post by Paul Sjoerdsma » Wed 23 Mar 2005 08:20

Hi, we are using SDAC 3.50, D7 and RemObjects/DataAbstract

Sometimes the connectionto the SQLServer is broken, once this happens the ApplicationServer throws an exception which is caught by the client, but it also shows a DialogBox with the following message
"[DNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect)).]SQL Server does not exist or access id denied"

Where does this dialog come from? Our application server is designed to be non-interactive and showing a message dialog means a user has to click these away. Lots of times the appserver will run on a remote computer.

Has anybopdy seens this before. I am not sure from which layer the messageDlg originates, SDAC or somewhere in RO/DA


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Post by Ikar » Wed 23 Mar 2005 10:18

This error message usually happens on specifying invalid server name. But SDAC doesn't represents error message dialogs only raises Exception

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