Ambiguity between 'TBlobStream' and 'Memds::TBlobStream' ?

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Ambiguity between 'TBlobStream' and 'Memds::TBlobStream' ?

Post by piyik » Fri 15 Dec 2006 09:58


I'm using SDAC version 3.80 for C++ Builder 6 in my program.
But I found a compilation problem, because in my program, I use also

So, somewhere in my program, I declare a pointer named BlobStream like this:

TBlobStream *BlobStream;

And when I compile my program, it gives me an error

[C++ Error] MainForm.cpp(57): E2015 Ambiguity between 'TBlobStream' and 'Memds::TBlobStream'

Is this a bug in the SDAC component? It seems that SDAC defines its own TBlobStream, so there is an ambiguity.

Are there any workaround? :cry:
In fact I'm trying to upload a wav file to a table, so I need to use TBlobStream.

Any help?


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Post by Jackson » Fri 15 Dec 2006 13:37

Yes, there is the TBlobStream class declared in MemDS unit.
Use the following syntax if you want to use the TBlobStream class from the DBTables unit:

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Dbtables::TBlobStream* BlobStream;

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Memds::TBlobStream* BlobStream;
for the TBlobStream class declared in MemDS unit.

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