Fetch all TMSStoreProc + may be network issues

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Fetch all TMSStoreProc + may be network issues

Post by oodesigns » Wed 01 Nov 2006 16:53


A client is having problems when sometime downloading largeish amount of data > 10000. I have had AV's . I cannot reproduce. each storeprocedure has it own TmsStoreproc and only one is used at a time in a thread with pooling on. If I set fetchall = false and FetchRows = 25 will this help with network issues or will it really slow things up and not help at all. The settings currently are fetchall = true and Fetchrows = 1000. Not sure it fetchrows is used if fetchall = ture.

Second question if fetchall = false will the extra session created be pooled as well?


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Post by Jackson » Thu 02 Nov 2006 11:31

Please make sure that each thread has its own instance of TMSConnection component.
Query execution blocks current session in FetchAll=False mode.
In order to avoid blocking OLE DB creates additional session.

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