NT Authentication fails :-(

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NT Authentication fails :-(

Post by Dhaval » Mon 28 Feb 2005 01:10

Delphi 7 enterprise + Sdac version

I've got an application that logs on to the SQL server. Till now we were using SQL Server authentication which worked without any problems. However, we need NT authentication to work and it fails coming up with an error (onconnection error) saying
Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

How do I "force/pretend" a connection to be a "trusted connection"? I couldn't find any property to modify the connection string.
PLEASE HELP ASAP !! The order will be cancelled by this weekend if we can't get it working.
Thanks and Best regards

Dhaval Shah
Sr. Software Developer
Perth, Australia



Post by spaggie » Mon 28 Feb 2005 09:09

Have you told the database to use NT Authentication ?


Re: Authentication

Post by Guest » Tue 01 Mar 2005 04:34

spaggie wrote:Have you told the database to use NT Authentication ?
Do i need to? Now i'm confused. Is the authentication made specific for "each" database on the SQL server?
Isn't setting the "Authentication" to be "NT" (enterprise manager??) enough?
Pls. advise
Thanks for the reply.


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no takers?

Post by Dhaval » Wed 02 Mar 2005 00:32

Another 1 of our clients reported the same problem when he switched authentication to being NT instead of SQL server.
Could anyone please educate me further in this matter asap?
Thanks and best regards


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Post by Ikar » Wed 02 Mar 2005 07:24

You should set MSConnection.Authentication := auWindows and configure the server. Please see a description of procedure creating user in documentation for MS SQL Server.

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