MSQuery & nvarchar data type (Cyrillic characters): is it a bug?

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MSQuery & nvarchar data type (Cyrillic characters): is it a bug?

Post by ilia » Sat 26 Feb 2005 12:04

I created a table on a MS SQL Server 2000 with a field of nvarchar(100) data type.
I put some text data (Cyrillic code page).

When I use a MSQuery from SDAC (version 2.45) and retrieve the data from the table, it shows me '????????' instead of actual data, while other tools, say, SQLQuery from dbExpress component or SQL Server Enterprise Manager, work correct with the data.

I downloaded the latest trial version of SDAC 3.50 with the same effect.

Did I do something wrong, or it's a bug?


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Post by Ikar » Wed 02 Mar 2005 07:26

Standard Delphi Controls don't support Unicode. You may change them on third-party controls or use varchar instead nvarchar.

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