How to store a recordset from TMSStoredProc?

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How to store a recordset from TMSStoredProc?

Post by ilikegreentrafficlights » Tue 06 Jun 2006 07:52

Hi i'm new to using SDAC,
How do i store a recordset that is returned from a stored proc without using the ADO objects?

I.e. Old code snippet
lRecordSet : _RecordSet;

lRecordSet := fADOStoredProc.RecordSet;

I can return a single variable using this

lReturnID := MSStoredProc1.Params.ParamByName('@RETURN_VALUE').Value;

But how to store a recordset?

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Post by Jackson » Tue 06 Jun 2006 08:53

TMSStoredProc is descendant of TDataSet and dataset returned by ExecProc method is placed in the TMSStoredProc object itself.

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