select last inserted record

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select last inserted record

Post by RoniLev » Thu 23 Apr 2020 13:57

i have a large clients table.
I use TMSQuery to select top 200 to show only part of it in a grid. (limited by the where clsaus)
when the user add new client it is not visible in the grid (it not in the record set of the TMSQuery)
is there a way to show it ?
or perform a new select that will show X records before and after it?

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Re: select last inserted record

Post by Stellar » Thu 23 Apr 2020 14:33

The TMSChangeNotification component in SDAC Professional Edition is responsible for receiving notifications from the server and keeping the dataset up-to-date.

SDAC Professional Edition contains a component called TMSChangeNotification, which receives notifications from the server and keeps the dataset up-to-date. SDAC demo project contains an example in the ChangeNotification tab, which shows the operation of the TMSChangeNotification component.

More about TMSChangeNotification: ... cation.htm

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