MSSQL Cachedupdates and Autoinc

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MSSQL Cachedupdates and Autoinc

Post by Perwe » Mon 27 Dec 2004 00:30

I am trying to use cachedupdates on a Master/Detail table where the relation key come from MSSQL autoinc field. When I applyupdates to master I get the new key value and then also the detail record is lost because different master/detail key.
Is it posible to change key value in a detail querry after recieving the value from MSSQL.

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Re: MSSQL Cachedupdates and Autoinc

Post by Ikar » Mon 27 Dec 2004 08:22

Unfortunately Master-Detail quite poor adjusts with CashedUpdates. Probably in your case as a solution you can generate Identity in any way on client side (for example, thru guid).

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