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TMSQuery with FetchAll=False

Posted: Thu 09 May 2019 19:21
by Sid

We are using SDAC Version 6.11.23 for RAD Studio 2007.

We are having an issue with TMSQuery Component used with FetchAll=False (FetchRows=100). This keeps the SQL query in the SQL Server in 'pending' state (releases only after the dbgrid has fetched all records). This 'pending' state locks all other SQL processes that require an exclusive use of the same table, ultimately causing a deadlock state. What can be done so the query when used with FETCHALL=FALSE does not keep itself in pending state in the SQL Server?


Re: TMSQuery with FetchAll=False

Posted: Fri 10 May 2019 10:42
by Stellar
Unfortunately, we can't reproduce the issue. To investigate this behavior of SDAC, please compose a small sample demonstrating the issue and send it to us, including database objects creating scripts.
You can send the sample using the contact form at our site: