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Bug with locate or select and : in fieldcontents

Posted: Tue 30 Oct 2018 11:32
by Erik van Putten

I found a serious bug.
It does not happen in Unidac with SQLServer connectivity only with SDAC.

If you do a query with a parameter and the contents of the field start with a colon you will not get a correct result

SELECT ARTICLE FROM Table1 where article =':SRI' works fine and shows all records with :SRI in the article

SELECT ARTICLE from Table1 where article = :parameter where parameter is :SRI will not return the correct result.
If the parameter does not contain a colon in the beginning the result IS correct.

Providing you have setup a MSTable call dbarticle point to table Article;
The same is true for a combined locate :
where variable1 is :SRI , again it works with variable1 not containing a colon at the start.

Can you fix this, or do you know a workaround ?

Kind regards,

Re: Bug with locate or select and : in fieldcontents

Posted: Tue 06 Nov 2018 14:06
by Stellar
Unfortunately, we can't reproduce the issue. To investigate this behavior of SDAC, please compose a small sample demonstrating the issue and send it to us, including database objects creating scripts.
You can send the sample using the contact form at our site: