Keeping a Temp Table Active

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Andrew Love
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Keeping a Temp Table Active

Post by Andrew Love » Wed 11 Jan 2017 22:45

I was previously using TADO Objects.

The application was setup with a temp table #LoggedInUser

When the connection was established I'd create the temp table, load it into a TADOTAble component, modify the value to be the User ID for the user that was logged in.

That way stored procedures, triggers everything could record audit records for the the user based on the logged in user.

This method doesn't seem to be working with SDAC. Either the dataset is open as read only, or the temp table is no longer present by the time changes are made.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this with out completely redesigning all triggers, stored procedure and edits in my application?

Devart Team
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Re: Keeping a Temp Table Active

Post by azyk » Thu 12 Jan 2017 12:22

Please let us know whether the problem is reproduced in our SDACDemo project. The SDACDemo project is located in "Demos\SDACDemo\" related to the SDAC demos installation directory. If this problem is not reproduced in our demo, try to compose a small test project to demonstrate the problem and send it to us using the contact form on our website: . Please also include scripts for creating test tables in the project.

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