SDAC 7.3 compatibility with MyDAC 5.55

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SDAC 7.3 compatibility with MyDAC 5.55

Post by jc_thedude » Wed 21 Dec 2016 19:06

I'm running Delphi 6 sp2 with MyDAC 5.55.
I want to install the latest version of SDAC.

Are they compatibile ?
I'm trying not to update the existing code/driver


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Re: SDAC 7.3 compatibility with MyDAC 5.55

Post by azyk » Thu 22 Dec 2016 09:09

All DAC products can be simultaneously used in the same project on the same Delphi/RAD Studio version. For this all DAC products installed for the specific Delphi/RAD Studio version should have compatible versions:
1) SDAC 7.3 and MyDAC 5.55 are not compatible;
2) SDAC and MyDAC are compatible;
3) the latest SDAC 7.3.16 and MyDAC 8.7.27 are compatible;

More details about SDAC compatibility: и MyDAC:

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