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Post by Valgardur » Mon 14 Dec 2015 15:57

FilterSQL does not seem to work.. I have tried refreshing the dataset, without refreshing, with close + open, set filtered to true, leaving filtered unchanged..

I have a query similar to

Code: Select all

select Element
  from Elements
and I need to add a filter

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where Element not in (select Element from Combination where Id is = 8)
"8" being just an example.. the Combination table having Id and Element fields.

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Re: FilterSQL

Post by azyk » Wed 16 Dec 2015 10:02

Check whether the condition from the TMSQuery.FilterSQL value is added to the WHERE clause of the executed query. You can see the really executed SQL query using DBMonitor.

If the TMSQuery.FilterSQL value is not added to the WHERE clause, send us a small test sample of using FilterSQL.

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