Access Violation TMSQuery on XE7, sdac v.7.1.3

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Access Violation TMSQuery on XE7, sdac v.7.1.3

Post by sofetch » Tue 07 Jul 2015 13:52

I have an application where I have one query (TMSquery component) on a main form. When application starts I put many different queries in that component and open them one by one. After those 30 simple different selects I'm opening some MDI child window, where on create does some query with that one component.

In that moment access violation is occuring and sometimes with that error messages:
1. Assertion failure D:\Projects\Delphi\DAC\SqlServer\Source\OLEDBAccess.pas line:1376
2. EOLEDBERROR: Row handles must all be released before new ones can be obtained
3. Assertion failure D:\Projects\Delphi\DAC\Common\Source\MemData.pas line: 2872

I resolved that by refactoring to open every query in a temporary created TMSQuery and freed after opening.

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Re: Access Violation TMSQuery on XE7, sdac v.7.1.3

Post by azyk » Thu 09 Jul 2015 12:43

Unfortunately, we can't reproduce the described problem. Please try to compose a small sample to demonstrate the problem and send it to andreyz*devart*com . In addition, include test tables creating script in the project.

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