SDAC help unusable

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SDAC help unusable

Post by Ludek » Thu 23 Apr 2015 08:44

I'm trying to find out the unit, that in SDAC7 declares the TOleDBProvider type. I am completely unable to do it, because:

1. the password of sdac archive changed in 6.11.23 or similar version, so the supplied one (delivered by email at registering) does not work any more; my colleague responsible to licensing product does not get any reply for the request sent already some days ago (and today again)

2. the help for toledbprovider does not show the unit (neither local nor web version): ... ovider.htm

Please help.

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Re: SDAC help unusable

Post by azyk » Thu 23 Apr 2015 12:55

1. Please resend your request to andreyz*devart*com .

2. In SDAC 7, the TOLEDBProvider class is renamed to TMSProvider. To use TMSProvider, add the MSClasses unit to the uses section.

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