Use TClientDataSet with TMSQuery

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Use TClientDataSet with TMSQuery

Post by larsmaki » Sat 11 Dec 2004 18:46

Hi, using dbexpress I normally uses a tsqlquery, provider and Tclientdataset.
Should I replace tsqlquery with TMSQuery? I am using the Tclientdataset to work with the data on the "client/memory" side before saving to database.
My question is, am I still required to use Tclientdataset to do that or is there some client/memory side data in the TMSQuery that I can massage before applying to database?

Thanks, Lasse

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Re: Use TClientDataSet with TMSQuery

Post by Ikar » Mon 13 Dec 2004 08:31

You can keep on using Tclientdataset or use CachedUpdates := True mode. At the last case SDAC SQL Generator will be used that will allow to process more exactly specific of MS SQL Server.

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