Old Delphi 7 exe using SDAC

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Old Delphi 7 exe using SDAC

Post by jefbut » Wed 12 Nov 2014 04:19

I have a client using an old Delphi 7 compiled exe running on Win2003. It's using SDAC but not sure which version. Seems to be from 2004. They have tried to run it on Win7 and Win Server 2012 but both crash with an MDAC wrong version error. I believe that MDAC isn't actually used anymore on Win7 or WS2012. There is a dac70.bpl and a sdac70.bpl deployed with the exe. Would it be possible to replace those two bpls with newer versions without needing to recompile the original exe?

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Re: Old Delphi 7 exe using SDAC

Post by azyk » Wed 12 Nov 2014 09:48

The latest SDAC versions include a fix for the error "Wrong MDAC version. Download latest MDAC version". To avoid the issue, you should recompile your application using the latest SDAC version.

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