What are the system software requirements for SQL2005?

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What are the system software requirements for SQL2005?

Post by feamster » Wed 08 Feb 2006 17:21

What software must be installed for SQL server 2005 to be fully accessible to SDAC components? I see references to SQLNCLI.DLL as the db provider in some documents and I know that it is not on my test machine. MDAC 2.8 sp1 has been installed on the computer. What else is required? Does SQLNCLI need to be installed in any special way or does it just need to be in the path?

I know that there is a SQLNCLI.MSI available from microsoft but there is
more in this than just support components, right?

Has anyone broken down the requirements to the specific reg entries and DLLs?


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Post by Ikar » Wed 15 Feb 2006 14:26

MDAC must be enough.

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