About New Version Release Dates

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About New Version Release Dates

Post by hmelihkara » Sat 15 Feb 2014 12:38

I'm just curious about big gap between new versions on VCL products.
You release all VCL products exact the same date and we'd wait very long time for even any bugs to solve (like non-blocking bug). When I check your .NET product's new version cycle that I see they get 4 new versions since we got only 1 after 26 Dec 2013.

So, why we have to wait so long for our known bugs to be solved?

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Re: About New Version Release Dates

Post by AlexP » Mon 17 Feb 2014 10:39


We cannot release new builds each time we fix a bгg or add a feature, we have a roadmap for each new version - and when all tasks within the current version are closed, we release a new one.

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