SQL Server 2012 Express Native Client D 2007

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SQL Server 2012 Express Native Client D 2007

Post by jwtm » Wed 15 May 2013 20:55

You have a native client connector. I need to know whether it works with SQL Server 2012 Express. Also, I intend to use the connector in an ISAPI extension; so the components I use must be thread-safe and have no VCL dependencies.

Is this the case?


Re: SQL Server 2012 Express Native Client D 2007

Post by AndreyZ » Thu 16 May 2013 06:48

SDAC supports SQL Server 2012 Express Edition. You can find more information about SDAC compatibility at http://www.devart.com/sdac/compatibility.html
SDAC is thread-safe, but the restriction is that you cannot use one connection (TMSConnection component) in several threads, you must have connections in each thread.
Any program or library (including ISAPI extension) that is built in Delphi without run-time packages does not have any dependencies from Delphi. All bpl files which are referenced by a program or library, are built-into it. That is why you can freely use a program or library on a computers where there is no Delphi installed.
Please note that if you are using SDAC licensed version, you will not have to deploy any files from SDAC with your project. But if you are using SDAC trial version, you cannot include SDAC libraries (bpl files) from trial version into your project, so you will have to supply them with your project. This is a SDAC trial version restriction only.

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