Lock request time out exceeded,

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Lock request time out exceeded,

Post by GNiessen » Wed 13 Mar 2013 12:43

We have an application that is frequently (several times a day for two users) getting the "Lock request time out exceeded" exception when they move down rows in a grid.

I know I can set the Query to CacheUpdates=True and only post when they are done editing all rows. But figure it still can get the locking issue on the larger post.

Is there a recommended solution?


Re: Lock request time out exceeded,

Post by AndreyZ » Thu 14 Mar 2013 09:24

The "Lock request time out exceeded" error occurs when you try to access (modify) or lock the record that is locked. It is a correct behaviour when using locking. Locking prevents several users from modifying the same data at the same time. You can avoid using locking by setting the LockMode property of all datasets (TMSQuery, TMSTable, TMSStoredProc) to lmNone. For more information, please read the description of the LockMode property in the SDAC documentation.

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