Fatal bug with version 6.6.11

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Fatal bug with version 6.6.11

Post by Alexander_73 » Sat 29 Dec 2012 11:46

Delphi 2007, SDAC 6.6.11
An object of TMSQuery contains this sql:

Code: Select all

select Payments.PayID, Payments.UserID, Payments.PayDate, Payments.PayTypeID, Payments.AddPayDate, PL.Attributes PLAttributes, 
(SELECT dbo.Concatenate(S.PayServiceID) FROM PayedServices S (NOLOCK) WHERE S.FirmID=Payments.UserID AND S.PayID=Payments.PayID) AS PayedServicesStr, 
PT.Attributes AS PTAttributes 
FROM payments Payments (NOLOCK) 
LEFT JOIN PayPlaces PL (NOLOCK) ON PL.PayPlaceID=Payments.PayPlaceID 
LEFT JOIN InvoicePayTypes PT (NOLOCK) ON PT.PayTypeID=Payments.PayTypeID 
WHERE Payments.UserID=100 AND ISNULL(Payments.Attributes,0)&2!=2 
AND dbo.sf_IsNonPeriodServices(Payments.UserID, NULL, Payments.PayID)=0 
ORDER BY Payments.PayDate, Payments.PayID
For previous version of SDAC, 6.5.10, this query was workable. Now its raises exception 'An access violation...' on opening. Problem was detected in Query.Options.DefaultValues: when is true then raises AV, else it works OK.

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Re: Fatal bug with version 6.6.11

Post by AlexP » Sat 29 Dec 2012 12:28


We have already fixed this problem, this fix will be included to the next SDAC version.

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