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Create entry form

Post by Sawlmgsj » Sat 24 Dec 2005 06:35

Newbie question.
Previously used Microsoft Access for my applications.
Now want to use SDAC and create a user entry form such as:


I have tried using the MSTable component with Data Controls such as DBEdit (specifying Data Source and Data Field). However, I have a very large database (500K records) and this method is too slow.

I could not find an example program that shows me the best way of using an entry form and adding or updating records with SDAC.

Can you help me? A few clues as to the best way will be good. Example code will be great.


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Post by Ikar » Mon 26 Dec 2005 10:51

We advise you to read SDAC help, topic Using SDAC -> Performance of obtaining data.
In a nutshell, fetching 500 thousands of records can hardly be a good solution from performance point of view. It is recommended that you fetch rows in relatively small portions suitable for end-users to handle. This can be done using TMSQuery component. If you are performing some statistics calculations it is recommended to do on server side. Big datasets are usually retrieved for generating reports, in which case it is highly recommended to read the article mentioned above.

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