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Post by LHSoft » Sat 18 Aug 2012 08:43

I assigned a MSTable to a MSChangeNotification.
I added a sql select to the MSTable
('select UserId, Username ... From Table Order By Field').

Everything is ok and works fine unless a ntext-field is in the select statement.
Then, I get an errormessage: "Statement does not support notifications". :(

Can I solve this anyway? All of my Tables have ntext Fields.
Maybe its not very important to get notifications when ntext Field changes, but what about all the other Fields?


Re: TMSChangeNotification

Post by AndreyZ » Mon 20 Aug 2012 07:15


The point is that the text, ntext, and image data types are not supported for notifications. If a notification request is made for a query which returns any of these types, the notification fires immediately, specifying that notification subscription was not possible. We cannot influence this.
You can find more information about working with query notifications here:

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