Infopower's PictureMasks property equivalent in SDAC

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Infopower's PictureMasks property equivalent in SDAC

Post by lcoelho » Wed 29 Jun 2011 10:27


I'm converting a project from using InfoPower data access components to SDAC.

InfoPower data components have a 'PictureMasks' property. This property allows you to define a data entry template, or mask, for the values that can be entered into a field displayed on the screen. (This functionality duplicates the Picture function that’s been available in Borland’s Paradox relational database product). Picture masks force end-users to enter only those characters, digits and special characters that you allow them to, and only in those specific positions within a field that you pre-define.

What would be the equivalent way of implementing the 'PictureMasks' property when using SDAC components?

Thank you for your kind assistance in this regard.


Post by AndreyZ » Wed 29 Jun 2011 13:20


You can use the EditMask and EditFormat properties of your persistent fields. For more information, please read the Delphi documentation.

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