InfoPower's TwwTable NarrowSearch equivalent in SDAC

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InfoPower's TwwTable NarrowSearch equivalent in SDAC

Post by lcoelho » Fri 29 Apr 2011 15:05


InfoPower's TwwTable (Table) component has a property called 'NarrowSearch'.

This property affects how incremental searching is performed. When this property is True, incremental searching will show only those entries that match what has been typed in so far. For example, if the user types in the letter C, then all records starting with C are shown and no other records. When the user enters another character, the search becomes even narrower, or more specific.

When this property is False and using local tables, incremental searching moves to the record that most closely matches the letters typed in. If this property is False and you are using SQL tables, then incremental searching is dependent upon the SyncSQLByRange property setting. The default value of this property is False.

Does SDAC have an equivalent property that can be used either with the TMSTable or TMSQuery component?

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Post by AlexP » Thu 05 May 2011 08:11


Unfortunately, now SDAC doesn't have such features.
We will investigate the possibility of adding such features in one of the next builds/versions.
Now you can use the Filter property for local filtering of a dataset or the FilterSQL property to perform filtering on the server side.

for example you can use the standard Tedit component

Code: Select all

MSTable1.Filtered:= True;

procedure TForm1.Edit1Change(Sender: TObject);
MSTable1.Filter :='ENAME like ''%'+ Edit1.Text+ '%''';
in Edit1 you can post a search string,
as we change the Filter property in the onChange event, filter will be applied automatically on entering each symbol.

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