Not enough capacity to start transaction

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Not enough capacity to start transaction

Post by creeker » Fri 14 Oct 2005 09:04

Hi there,

Problem with SDAC / D5 (built6.18) /MSSQL2000(8.00.194)

table:(have 50 records)
create table crk_test (
crk_test_id int not null identity(1, 1),
crk_text varchar(100)
constraint pk_crk_test primary key (crk_test_id)

MSConn : TMSConnection;
MSQuery1: TMSQuery;
MSQuery2: TMSQuery;

query settings:
FetchAll := False;
SQL.Text := 'select * from crk_test';

When I open MSQuery1 and make MSConn.StartTransaction, everything was done.
But if I open more datasets (like MSQuery1 and MSQuery2) before I make
MSConn.StartTransaction, I got one of these error messages:

"Cannot create new transaction because capacity was exceeded."
"MSSQL error: Not enough capacity to start transaction."

if the FetchAll property True, the error not occurted.

Anybody run into this error ?

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Post by Ikar » Fri 14 Oct 2005 09:11

Unfortunately the way of using FetchAll set to False with all its advantages has some imperfections including transactions conflict. You can read SDAC help or MSDN for details.

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