Delphi XE support question

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Delphi XE support question

Post by brace » Thu 23 Dec 2010 11:28

By looking at even a not-experienced eye can catch the difference between 4.00 and 5.00 release that I will copy and paste below.

Now I am in the position to upgrade to 5 because I need to use Delphi XE: can you comment on this? Are there some plans for v. 5.00 or shuold I consider v5 this the luxury tax to pay to use SDAC with XE?

5.00 new features:
Embarcadero RAD Studio XE suppored
4.00 new features:
Delphi 2007 for Win32 supported
Disconnected model for working offline and automatically connecting and disconnecting supported
Local failover for detecting connection loss and implicitly reexecuting some operations supported
Added DataSet Manager to control project datasets
New TMSScript component for easy execution of multistatement scripts added:
Support for executing individual statements in scripts
Support for executing huge scripts stored in files with dynamic loading
Ability to use standard SQL Server client tool syntax
New component for transferring data between all types of TDataSets descendants added
New TMSServiceBroker component for SQL Server 2005 queuing and reliable messaging added
New TMSLoader component for improving records insertion performance added
New TMSDump component for loading data to and from the server added
Data export and import to/from XML supported
WideMemo field type in Delphi 2006 supported
Support for sending messages to DBMonitor from any point of your program added
Asynchronous fetch mode supported
Compressed BLOBs supported
Support for more SQL Server functionality:
SQL Server Compact Edition supported
Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) supported
Support for new data types, including XML, varchar(MAX), nvarchar(MAX), varbinary(MAX) added
Support for a new level of transaction isolation (DBPROPVAL_TI_SNAPSHOT) added
Support for more server objects in TMSMetadata added
Stored procedure parameters with default values supported
Extensions and improvements to existing functionality:
General performance improved
Master/detail functionality extensions:
Local master/detail relationship support added
Master/detail relationship in CachedUpdates mode support added
Working with calculated and lookup fields improvements:
Local sorting and filtering added
Record location speed increased
Improved working with lookup fields
Greatly increased performance of applying updates in CachedUpdates mode
Connection pool functionality improvements:
Efficiency significantly improved
API for draining the connection pool added
Ability to customize update commands by attaching external components to TMSUpdateSQL objects added
Support for DefaultValues on record insertion added
Some performance improvements achieved:
NUMERIC fields fetching
Update commands execution while editing data set
DataSet refreshing
Records refreshing after updates and inserts
Support for selecting database name in TMSConnectDialog added
Usability improvements:
Syntax highlighting in design-time editors added
Demo projects became better organized and clearer
FAQ added

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Post by brace » Thu 23 Dec 2010 14:23

I mean, by re-reading this post it may sound not nice, anyway I'd like to make a comment on the "new release = new IDE supported only".

It is a strange policy. Then to be honest Sdac is not that expensive to upgrade as other 3rd party components, but in general any3rd party component offer some new interesting features when releasing a major release.

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Post by bork » Thu 23 Dec 2010 15:19


Earlier we developed new features, but did not include them to the product until its major version release. That's why users could not use the new features until product major version release even if these features development was completed. Now we add new features to each new build (you can see it in the product history), so our users don't have to wait for the major version release. We think that this is better for our users, as they have possibility to use new features as soon as they are developed. Also if you have active SDAC subscription, you can download the latest SDAC version (5th) and you don't have to pay for the upgrade.

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Post by brace » Thu 23 Dec 2010 15:35

Ok yes it makes sense, anyway what I find strange it is that you add cool features at every release (including 4.70, 4.80) and not in 5.00. So why not calling 4.80 = 5.00? Anyway. Not a big issue.

Thanks for the explanation.

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