New SDAC version 5.00 with RAD Studio XE support released!

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New SDAC version 5.00 with RAD Studio XE support released!

Post by Devart » Tue 14 Sep 2010 15:27

Dear users,

Devart team is glad to announce a release of the new SDAC version 5.00. The new version of SDAC supports RAD Studio XE that offers the following advantages:
  • Expanded multi-tier development with DataSnap
  • Powerful integrated tool chest
  • Cloud computing
  • Subversion integration in the IDE
  • Higher productivity and code intelligence
  • New tools to automate and augment your build process
  • Language, compiler and library enhancements
  • ToolCloud-enabled and earlier version access
More information on SDAC 5.00 changes below.
  • Fixed bug with the LIKE keyword in the TDataSet.Filter property
  • Fixed bug with filling default expression for fields in the design mode for inactive dataset
  • Fixed bug with processing large Geometry fields
  • Fixed bug with inserting autoincrement fields through TMSLoader
Devart development team