Blob/Image problem

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Blob/Image problem

Post by JeePeeTee » Mon 13 Sep 2010 08:42

When selecting from an updatable view within MSSQL2008, columns defined as Blob/Image are retrieved within Delphi as integer columns.

When this is done on MSSQL2005 everything works fine.

This table has filestream enabled. A new 2008 feature that seems to do the unwanted 'trick'.

Problem seems to come from MSSQL2008. After activating the filestream, the table (with blob field) is upgraded with a new column UID. This column isn't available in the (already existing view) and gives problems when this view is accessed through TMSQuery component!?

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Post by Dimon » Mon 13 Sep 2010 14:31

Now SDAC doesn't support filestream fields. We are investigating the possibility of adding this functionality in the future. As soon as we solve this question we will let you know.

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