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Post by ccmcbride » Fri 06 Nov 2009 02:33

Enhancement request:
can you please return datetimeoffset as a valid datetime?

problem is that system 1 is on east coast, system 2 is on west coast.
every record has a datetime field on it, which is updated when the record is saved.
I need to write a utility to merge the two databases (merge east coast with west coast), where both databases will be getting modified.
My thought was to use the editdatetime field to compare, but then realized that will probably be incorrect, as if the record is edited at 5 pm on the east coast, and the same record is edited at 4 pm on the west coast, I want to keep the west coast changes (it was changed later in the day, as far as the corporate office is concerned)....
So, I started investigating the datetimeoffset, but I can't open the table, unknown field type.

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Post by Dimon » Fri 06 Nov 2009 07:22

Thank you for your inquiry. We will investigate the possibility of adding this functionality in the near future. As soon as we solve this question we will let you know.

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