SDAC and 64bit

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SDAC and 64bit

Post by PaulT2 » Thu 16 Jul 2009 16:59

Are there currently any options (or future plans) to support 64bit DAC's on the windows platform?

I can see that FreePascal is supported on Win32, but what about 64bit?

We currently use SDAC on Win32, but have an increasingly urgent need to produce a 64bit version of our software. As Delphi is seemingly stuck in the 32bit world for the foreseeable future, we are increasing looking at a FreePascal port of at least our core process which needs a 64bit address space.

As we make very substantial use of SDAC, this will only be feasible if we can purchase a 64bit version.

Can Devart offer a solution?


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Post by ninken » Thu 16 Jul 2009 21:46

I'm not speaking from Devart behalf! Right now 64bit is pointless to even to consider for any Component Writer, until Codegear releases a Delphi 64bit compiler. Codegear was chatting about cleaning up the language to make it possible, until we know what the changes are we can’t even consider it until it’s release.

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Post by PaulT2 » Thu 16 Jul 2009 23:12

The top items on the Embarcadero development list are 64bit and cross platform. Unfortunately 64bit continually gets pushed back and it seems we are to get cross platform some time in the next X months.

From discussions with other ISV's I know we are not the only ones desperate for a 64bit Pascal solution. For us, Freepascal looks like it is suitable as a stop gap solution until Delphi joins the 21st century. It needs connectivity options though. If all we ever did was wait for Delphi, Freepascal and the rest would never have been created in the first place, right?

Does DevArt have a solution or any plans?


Devart Team
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Post by Dimon » Thu 23 Jul 2009 13:26

We are investigating the possibility of adding support for the 64 bit platform in DAC. As soon as we solve this question we will let you know.

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