Migration from ADO to SDAC.

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Migration from ADO to SDAC.

Post by Saupg » Wed 10 Jun 2009 06:07


I have such code:

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  spOper: TADOStoredProc;
  spOper.ProcedureName := ProcName;
  if spOper.Parameters.Refresh then
    spOper.Parameters.ParamByName('Param').Value := AValue;
    Exception.CreateFmt('Stored proc ''%s'' not found', [ProcName]);
How i can rewrite it using SDAC? I need to check stored proc.

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Post by Dimon » Wed 10 Jun 2009 13:31

You can't know if the procedure exist until you try to execute it, using, for example, the ExecProc method.
If you need to get list stored procedure names you should use the TMSConnection.GetStoredProcNames method.

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