access to other records in tvirtualtable

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access to other records in tvirtualtable

Post by Ludek » Thu 12 Mar 2009 11:02

Hi, I need to access data in non-current records in a TVirtualTable. how can I do that?

example: user inserts record and, while being in dsinserted mode, the cumulative sums under the current record have to be online updated, if the user enters a value in the field, that is to be summed.

Posting the record, scrolling through the other records and coming back is not possible - the inserted record has to be in dsinsert mode, not in dsedit (for example - because the required fields are not all set yet). and, the code would be crazy (full of sucking bookmarks, disablecontrols etc.)

is there a way to access (read/modify) fields in other records of a tvirtualtable while staying on an other one? something like duplicating a cursor to the data or (better) direct array-like access?

thanks, Ludek.

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Post by Plash » Fri 13 Mar 2009 08:31

There is no way to access non-current records in TVirtualTable.

You can use TEdit components to enter values for new record. Then add values from edits to the TVirtualTable component.

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