sdac 3.55 trial & & Vs.Net 2003

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sdac 3.55 trial & & Vs.Net 2003

Post by jan!!! » Wed 15 Jun 2005 11:12

i have tried to make a small sample to test the performance in in
(I am using visual studio 2003)
but i get following error "SDAC trial version requires Delphi IDE"

is this just a trial problem?

Dim msCon As New CoreLab.Sdac.TMSConnection(Nothing)
Dim msQuery As New CoreLab.Sdac.TMSQuery(Nothing)
msCon.ConnectString = sConstr
msQuery.Connection = msCon
msQuery.CommandTimeout = 0
msQuery.SQL.Text = txtSQL.Text

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Post by Ikar » Wed 15 Jun 2005 14:05

Yes, SDAC Trial version requires Delphi IDE running.

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